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Axis of Fate

Book 4: Shadows and Light series

Release date: July 30, 2024


Three thousand years ago, a Fate foresaw the destruction of two worlds, and the birth of a new race.

Marina, a powerful Fate, is given a vision by her god detailing the eradication of three races, including her own people. She is asked to make a sacrifice, and in exchange her god will give her a chance to alter their fate. But as her oracle unwinds, its demands test the beliefs she holds dear, not only the tenets of her people, but her faith in her god. She must rely on her friends to dance the edge between saving her people and the will of her queen and her god. But sometimes the only way to forge a new future is to break the rules.

Gabriel and Pilar are the foundation of an elite fighting force in the emerging province of Araine. Together, they struggle against a strengthening faction in the east who seem determined to rid Berinia of people they consider invaders, unworthy not only of sharing their world, but of life itself. Gabriel and Pilar discover their family is at the center of Marina’s oracle, which overlaps with the discord in Berinia. Their efforts to fight the uprising are frustrated as they see their family’s fate touching both salvation and destruction. Together, they must bear the burden placed on them by the Drankoni, a race that may not have their best interests at heart. When a new entity emerges among the insurgents, an unimaginable force of destruction sweeps through Berinia, threatening the very existence of their people. A Fate’s gift can turn the tide and save thousands of lives, but at a cost that could forever destroy their family.

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