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Light Lost

Book 2: Shadows and Light series

“Let me go. I’ll be right back,” she promised, and kissed his lips. “You won’t even know I’m gone.”

Separated from the love of a lifetime, Haven and Ryker are forced to endure a cruel trial that tests more than their bond. Though Haven is in Terra under simulation, blissfully unaware of the bonding trial, Ryker is left in Berinia, abandoned and stricken with a loneliness he’s never known. His choices test the limits of his relationship with his Triad and everyone he loves.

But time is not their only enemy. The Phoenix is the key to Praesia’s safety, and in Haven’s absence, those who set them on this path flourish, gain new allies, and set in motion a more permanent scheme to keep Haven and Ryker apart. Their ambitions reach for the throne and the very heart of Praesia.

For their enemies, the trial seems a success when Haven returns changed, with a damaged memory of her seraphim life. With the support of her loves ones, Ryker is determined to help Haven remember who they were together and the love they shared, but his own scars from the trial run deep. They struggle to find each other, not only for the bond they have fought to preserve, but to save their world.

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