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Shadow Rising

Book 3: Shadows and Light series

The Shadowalkers fight back against Hope’s new Regency and establish a new unified center of power. But Berinia’s fragile peace is tenuous. Ryker and Haven’s quest for a new life together is hindered by legends that have come to life, and no one is who they seem.

Haven and Ryker are committed to building a life together, but scars from their separation run deep. The choices made in the past, if left unresolved, threaten to haunt their future. Their friends and family stand beside them and support their healing process, but an intriguing new acquaintance asks the impossible, a quest that may risk the new, fragile life they are desperate to build.

Ash has broken his curse but soon discovers it wasn’t a cure. He struggles to control the demon that still lives in him, as well as those who are determined to keep him in a life he no longer wants. An unlikely friendship shows him a new path, one that asks him to be a person he abandoned a century ago. But his long-time destructive entanglement with Lilith pulls him back to a life of violence and hate that seduces a long-buried resentment he must confront before he can alter his future.

Hope and her supporters are not satisfied with seizing the crown. Her new Regency is the tip of the arrow, a plan that is centuries in the making. They seek a legend, a myth that if found and liberated would unleash an evil bent on destroying everything Haven and Ryker hold dear.

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